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The current situation of analytical instrument industry and the future market?
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What is the current situation of instrument industry?

In recent years, the state has put forward the "integration of two modernizations", which is an important measure for China's equipment manufacturing industry to achieve upgrading, and also an important way for China to develop from a large equipment manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. The information needed in the "integration of the two" is all from the bottom equipment, so there is a great demand for equipment automation and production line automation. In the ten national revitalization plans, textile, light industry, steel, ship, etc. all mentioned the requirements of automation and intelligence for equipment. As a knowledge intensive and technology intensive industry, instrument is a multi-disciplinary complex and an indispensable part of manufacturing equipment.

On the other hand, with the great improvement of people's livelihood, some demands related to people's livelihood have also been put on the agenda. For example, the requirements for instruments and meters related to food safety, drug safety, emergency detection and alarm, environment and climate monitoring are constantly emerging. It can be said that seizing a problem can win a market in the fierce competition, which requires instrument enterprises to strengthen people's livelihood awareness, constantly tap the market potential close to them, and make high-tech instruments truly benefit the society Meeting.

After 20 years of unremitting efforts, China's instrument industry has become a major country in the production of commonly used instruments and meters. The amount of market sales has repeatedly reached a new high, and the R & D and production system has become increasingly sound. After rapid development, the competition pattern of instrument market in China has changed quietly. At present, the output of transmitters, actuators, surveying and mapping instruments, metal material testing machines and other products ranks in the forefront of the world, the market share of experimental and analytical instruments and other products is rising, the industry technology has generally reached the medium international level, and a few products are close to or reach the current high international level.

With energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon economy becoming a long-term national policy, a number of high-speed development of new industries have emerged. Such as wind power, nuclear power, smart grid, high-speed train and rail transit, these industries are huge market growth points for instruments and meters. In the field of wind power, the state will, in accordance with the requirements of integrating into the large power grid and building a large base, strive to form several wind power bases of tens of millions of kilowatts in more than 10 years. The goal of the total installed capacity of wind power has been increased from 30 million kilowatts in 2020 as originally planned to 100 million kilowatts today. The policy adjustment in these areas will reduce the traditional market demand of some instrument industry, and remind all parties to re recognize and re position the market.

Thinking: where will the instrument industry go in the future?

According to the Research Report on the development analysis and investment potential of China's instrument parts industry in 2015-2020, in terms of the market share in 2018, the instrument industry still has a large proportion of subdivided products, mainly focusing on experimental instruments and analytical instruments. In terms of analytical instruments, at present, the demand has increased not only in daily life and industry, but also in 2019 due to the large demand, which is still a stable market for Zui in the whole industry. In recent years, due to the increasing application of experiment and analysis, especially in the field of measuring instruments, there is enough room for development. In 2018, the impact of haze has also led to an increase in the market of special instruments for environmental monitoring, and environmental protection has become one of the main problems in 2019.

Today, about 1 / 3 of the instruments are still dependent on imports; another 1 / 3 of the domestic instruments are equivalent to the imported ones. To improve the overall competitiveness of the industry and continue to shorten the gap between China's instrument technology and foreign advanced technology needs the overall planning and support of the government.

The government plans as a whole. The domestic scientific instruments are under the centralized management of the government departments, which make overall planning, support the establishment of the national Ji technology center with the backbone enterprises as the leader and the combination of production, learning, research and use, and focus on solving the main problems such as manufacturing process, key parts, precision processing, software development, industry standards, etc., so as to improve the technical level and application ability of the existing products.

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