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Zhuoguang instrument is committed to innovation in the field of food and drug analysis and testing, promoting "green food" and "health medicine". R & D production analysis and measurement instruments, and provide application, method, service and other comprehensive solutions. Now the company has automatic video melting point instrument, automatic refractometer, automatic polarimeter, constant temperature water bath and other equipment. At present, the company needs to develop its business, and now it is looking for agents in vacant areas across the country.

Information of agent products is as follows:

Melting point instrument: melting point instrument is an instrument for measuring the melting point of substances. Melting point instrument is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical research and quality control.

Refractometer: refractometer is an instrument for measuring refractive index. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical inspection, sugar making, food, perfume, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry, petroleum and other industrial students.

Polarimeter: an instrument for measuring the rotational light of substances. Widely used in pharmaceutical, drug testing, sugar, food, spices, monosodium glutamate and chemical, petroleum and other industrial production.

Constant temperature water bath: constant temperature water bath is a precision instrument directly or auxiliary heating in the field of experimental science such as biology, plant, physics, chemical industry, medical treatment, environmental protection, etc

Recruitment agent:

1. Sales experience and resources of similar products.

2. Willing to promote actively.

Sincerity: we will also provide the most perfect product service, technology and after-sales support. The agency protection policy in the region can protect the commercial rights and interests of the agents. I believe that through our joint efforts, we can achieve win-win cooperation.

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