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Zhuoguang Instruments Co., Ltd. specializes in large categories of commodities: laboratory equipment consumables, balance, oven equipment, optical analysis instruments, thermal instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, glass rubber and plastic instruments, medical devices, chemical reagents, chemical raw materials, etc. The products are of high quality, complete categories, series and complete grades. They are well-known in Shanghai and the whole country. They are famous for their integrity, reliability, standardized management and thoughtful service. The company pays attention to the development and operation of the general agent and general distribution business of international and domestic famous brand products. It is the exclusive agent of NUVE basic laboratory instruments in Turkey, juhheim laboratory instruments in Germany, reatec temperature measuring paper in Switzerland and greinorm refractometer in Germany in Greater China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). It is also one of the national patented products of sigma high temperature and ultra-high temperature electric furnace in East China Class a sales agent. At the same time, the company has established a long-term good distribution and cooperation relationship with world-famous instrument brands such as Merck, IKA, Mettler Toledo, sartorius and naboga.

Our talent philosophy: the best employees

Our mission: to enhance the brand image of enterprises and obtain greater value

With high quality service / stable technology / provide rich services to users

Actively explore new user needs / continuously provide innovative business for users

Capture effective customer information / promote the rapid development of enterprise economy

Our values: integrity, focus, responsibility and innovation

Shanghai Zhuoguang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd


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