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Shanghai Zhuoguang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on scientific instrument business, manufacturing high-quality instruments and providing perfect services. We are committed to innovation in the field of food and drug analysis and testing, promoting "green food" and "healthy drugs", providing high-quality laboratory instruments and equipment, technical services and overall solutions for food safety, environmental monitoring, biochemical research, new material research, etc. now we have full-automatic polarimeter, full-automatic video melting point meter, full-automatic refractometer, calorimetric analyzer Centrifuge (experimental instrument), UV / VIS spectrophotometer, constant temperature water bath and other equipment

Since its establishment, Zhuoguang instruments has been adhering to the business philosophy of "professional quality, honesty and trustworthiness, and the pursuit of excellence", emphasizing the creation of value for customers and the realization of win-win results, so that the company has achieved rapid development and growth. Relying on the product's leading and competitive advantages in function, quality, service and price, Zhuo Guang occupies an important position in the market of common laboratory equipment and wins the trust and support of many customers.

Shanghai Zhuoguang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd


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